Procurement Services

Procurement Services

Corporation Associates works with vendors around the world.


Register as a Vendor

Corporation Associates works with preferred vendors. If you are looking to sell a product or service to our business, the first step is to register as a vendor.


Search for Current Needs

Once your business is registered, you will be able to search our open needs database. In addition, our commodity procurement Associates will contact you for a quote as we have need for your products and services.


Submit a Quote

If you find a match in our database with your offerings, the next step is to submit a quote. Your quote must include price, delivery information, as well as complete product information.

Submit Your Bid Package for Consideration

At Corporation Associates, our Vendors are our strategic partners. We thank you for your consideration in choosing to supply our brand with products and services that enable our clients to exceed expectations. Our baseline that we measure success is having an open, collaborative accord with those who are part of our organizational success. As a preferred vendor, we will work with you to meet the challenges that surface. The demands that we face are always changing, therefore it is important that we create partnerships with agile organizations which allows us to react even faster to our clients needs.

Green sourcing is an important part of what we do. To procure items from an eco-friendly manufacturer, distributor, as well as suppliers that promote as much recyclable material as possible. (The environmental aspects.) Today, our green sourcing takes into account sustainability, reduction in carbon footprint, and end-of-life disposal. Our steps together will reduce waste, reduce carbon emissions, energy consumption, toxicity reduction or elimination.


Complete the Corporation Associates Vendor Registration Form.

Once we receive your completed registration form, we will evaluate your offerings as how they align with our needs. If we move forward or have additional questions, one of our commodity procurement Associates will be in contact with you.

Speak with an Associate to help you

To get started call Corporation Associates toll-free at
(844) 262-7762.

Find a local Corporation Associates office

Corporation Associates operates offices throughout the United States. You can locate an office by clicking here.